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Bronze: sculpture
One bronze figurine with hands pressed together in mudra of greeting or veneration. Exhibits green patina with metallic bronze flecks. Both legs are missing.

Clay: sculpture
One rectangular, unfired, clay panel which depicts Rewi Alley and a likeness of Buddha with children. Copy of an original Rewi Alley memorial at Lanzhou, Gansu, China.

Stone: sculpture
One cream-yellow carved stone canine posed on a shallow flat base. Head and body exhibit dark grey patches. Figure is depicted with forelimbs extended and head and haunches raised.

Sculpture: bust
One irregularly shaped, green portrait bust of Rewi Alley, by Xiaohui Lu (Harry Lu). Made using a resin mould and cast technique from an original clay bust. Oil paint finish.

Sculpture: Figurine
One irregularly shaped, red, white, brown and green glazed earthenware sculpture of a figurine, from the Sung Dynasty (960-1279). Figure is standing with hands together holding something infront. Details have been painted on.

Ceramic: figure
One unglazed painted figure of an armoured warrior standing erect on a ram with his right leg raised to rest on the ram's head. Figure strikes an assertive pose with left hand on hip and the right fist raised as if brandishing the shaft of a…

Bronze: sculpture
One bronze sculpture of two near-identifical prone figurines oriented top to tail. Figures are connected at their upper and lower torsos by two mouldings in the shape of flattened cylinders and are depicted clasping one another's left hands.


Bronze: sculpture
One bronze figurine in a fabric-covered box. Figure of Central Asian dancer posed on a lotus-bud-shaped pedestal with right arm and right leg raised. Copy of original found near Shandan, Gansu, in the Shandan Rewi Alley Museum. Box fabric is…

Ivory: sculpture
One creamy-white carved ivory figure of an elephant depicted trumpeting with mouth open and snout raised.
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